We will support you on every step of the process from receiving your application to market launch in your country.
In this section, you’ll see what responsibilities we are going to share.


Responsibilities of the Franchisee
  • Meet and hold negotiations with clients as well as assist them with product setup and keep them updated on all changes to products and features
  • Work with current TravelLine users and cross sell additional IT solutions
Marketing and PR
  • Create and maintain an official TravelLine social media community
  • Participate in industry events, exhibitions and conferences
  • Monitor changes in the market as well as competitor activity
  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Send out email newsletters (i.e. special offers, product updates, holiday greetings)
Document Flow with the Customers
Prepare, send and register contracts and payment documents for the customers.
Technical Support

During the first year after establishment of franchise, the Franchisee will:

  • Hire a tech support specialist and provide them with a workplace
  • Send a tech support specialist to the TravelLine head office for training and a performance review

Starting the second year, the Franchisee will set up customer accounts, offer trainings, and provide technical support for customers.

Demonstrate the features of TravelLine tools. This includes both TravelLine services and user accounts.
Responsibilities of TravelLine
Support of Franchisee
  • Supply all materials needed for working with clients
  • Provide consultations on contract details and cooperation terms
  • Offer trainings on how to sell TravelLine products
  • Offer trainings on tech support
  • Help the franchisee’s own support manager handle customer service scenarios and technical issues
Launching Products
Prepare, send and register contracts and payment documents for the customers.
Marketing and PR
  • Provide franchisee with marketing materials
  • Monitor competitors, come up with special offers to attract new clients together with a franchisee
Training Franchisee Clients
TravelLine provides product setup and training on how to work in the TravelLine extranet during the first year after a client signs contract with franchisee.
Technical Support for Franchisee Clients
Support provided for franchisee clients during the first year of contract agreement.