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TravelLine is an international software company that creates innovative management tools and builds stunning websites for the hotel industry.

Since 2008, we have helped over 4,000 hotels worldwide to streamline workflow and increase their online sales with our unique cloud-based management solutions.

Our team of experienced developers have also produced over 450 hotel websites to ensure increased online traffic and to maximize revenue for our clients.

Our Flagship Tools for Hotel Management

Overseas Offices

TravelLine has offices based in the USA, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Tunisia, and our new partners in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have recently added their own franchises to the list. We are currently expanding our presence worldwide and invite you to join us in this lucrative business opportunity!

Отзывы отельеров

Success Stories

I met Evgeny Yashkardin, a TravelLine’s international division representative, in Astana in 2015. He held a seminar for hoteliers at a touristic exhibition. TravelLine Channel Manager with its potential was exactly what our hotels needed, with its user-friendly interface and optimization of online sales it was able to provide. In April 2017, TravelLine announced to be at another seminar in Almaty. I immediately decided to attend it because I just couldn’t miss loads of useful tips TravelLine usually shares at their seminars. There I had a chance to talk with Evgeny again and found out they were looking for a business partner in Kazakhstan. Without any hesitation, I told Evgeny I would make the perfect TravelLine’s partner. Each employee of the Kazakhstan office was trained by TravelLine headquarters’ representatives. Our technical support manager did her internship at the headquarters. Read more »
The whole company is united by a very strong team spirit that we’ve been inspired by since the very beginning. Training, technical and marketing support, workflow automatization — all these things are recurrent, so that we were able to keep up with the industry standards. We don’t ever feel left to our own resources. We evolve and learn new things together day by day, working in tune with each other. In my opinion, the CEO of the company, Alexander Galochkin, has managed to create a perfectly functioning team of professionals in their field. Our entire team was happy to join them and learn how to help our partner hotels make their businesses successful with TravelLine. In a course of February and March 2018, contracts of hotels that have been working with the headquarters were transferred to the Kazakhstan office. Since that time, for hoteliers’ convenience, agreements were reconcluded with the Kazakhstan, so that we could provide technical support to our customers by ourselves in our local time. Holding seminars and webinars on popular and useful topics for hoteliers is one of very important areas that we will develop. Lack of knowledge of hospitality industry trends is one of the main problems in our market. Our goal is to contribute in improvement and automatization of hotel workflow and to increase the level of knowledge in marketing and online sales. We’re sure we’ll succeed thanks to careful guidance of the TravelLine headquarters!

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Yuliya Rykova,
COO of TravelLine Asia

Why Hotels Choose TravelLine

10 Years of Experience

High-quality IT solutions and websites. Nearly a decade of experience in the industry ensures that everything we develop is state of the art.

Outstanding Customer Support

We provide technical assistance as well as consulting services to help our customers make most of their websites and increase revenue.

Ease of Hotel Staff Training

When a hotel chooses TravelLine, all staff training is outsourced to TravelLine, saving valuable time and resources.

Single User Account

Our signature user account is a one-stop shop for all our clients’ needs. From one account, a user can effortlessly manage all TravelLine tools, making hotel management seamless and cutting down on the need for staff training.

Franchise Package

CRM System

A technology for tracking your interactions with customers and prospects. With a CRM, you store contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities and keep track of customers’ lifecycle in one central location.

TravelLine Website

We will launch a site in your region in the local language. Most people will search a service online to check its credibility. A website will help you quickly and easily tell customers, potential employees, and business partners about what TravelLine has to offer.

Official Introductory Guide

This serves as a how-to manual for everything you need to know in order to begin marketing and selling TraveLine tools as well as how to support and retain customers.

Exclusive Rights

We think of special terms for operating under TravelLine brand for each of our franchisees. We are open to discuss your custom conditions.

TravelLine Support Team

Our expert staff will be your resource for as long as you work with TravelLine.
We are here to help you from the moment you begin your franchise.

TL Booking Engine
Sales per month
4% commission of hotel's website sales
TL Channel Manager
Sales per month
Sales per month
€ 4.500
Net profit not including the initial franchise fee
for the 1st year

Franchisee Revenue Calculator

The graph shows increase in revenue in relation to TravelLine products sales. Please note that the graph only shows revenue from the sales of our three flagship products.

Initial Franchise Fee

€ 4,500


50% of the revenue generated by product/service sales from new clients* during the first year of the client’s contract agreement with the franchisee.

50% of the revenue generated by new product/service** sales with contracted clients during the first year of their contract agreement with the franchisee.

65% of the all revenue generated by all sales of products and services beginning the second year of the client’s contract agreement with the franchisee and lasting indefinitely.

*New client — a client is considered to be new if a contract with this party is established for the first time.
**New product/service — a product/service is considered to be new for one year after sales have officially started.